What sets us apart

We’re more than just Lead Generation

How we’re different

Adlogica delivers customers on demand in a range of verticals - insurance, loans, and home. Our team combines world-class expertise in data, designing for large-scale consumer audiences, and a deep understanding of online advertising platforms.

We pinpoint, engage, and deliver high-quality, in-market customers to you. We find customers. You close deals.

Learn how we compare vs the competitors

See how we compare versus our competitors:

Traditional Lead Generation

  • Just ad clicks
  • Less accurate consumer data
  • Less qualitfied consumers (3rd party marketing platforms)
  • Standard targeting techniques and limited media platform integration

Adlogica’s Customers on Demand

  • Predictive Lead Scoring™ (PLS)
  • Lead enhancement and data verification
  • Proprietary marketing platform
    • Deep Segmentation
    • Predictive Analysis
    • Dynamic Customer Experiences
  • Precise targeting & remarketing capabilities and advanced media platforms integration

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